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June 4, 2018
Lacey Bennett, Revolt Tattoo Artist
Lacey Burnett • Artist
July 5, 2018
Jesse Mora, Revolt Tattoo Artist


Jesse Mora is originally from the Inland Empire in Southern California. He started his tattoo carrier at the young age of 18. He was able to get his first station in a shop on October of 2005. Jesse Mora has tattooed next to great artist like Mr. Flaks & Roman from Artistic Element. He has tattooed in several states threw tattoo convections but always finds his way back to Las Vegas.

Threw his talent of tattooing Jesse Mora has tattooed celebrity's like U-GOD from the Wu Tang Clan and R&B singer Miguel. Threw all his years in the tattoo industry he has became a well rounded tattoo artist adapting to many style. Jesse loves bringing to life watercolor tattoos. He is know for his saturation in bright colors in the tattoos he makes.

Jesse loves pushing himself in new art styles and is always eager to move forward in his tattoo career evolving to become a better artist. He is a firm believer that he is only as good as the last tattoo he does .